These are the various workshops I offer for schools, organizations, families, and individuals. These workshops are available in-person or remotely, and can be arranged as a series or as standalone programs. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions.

Garden Design and Foodscaping Workshops

Foodscaping means designing beautiful, vibrant garden spaces that include edible plants. In these workshops, I’ll guide you to create a new garden space or revitalize an existing space. We can plan out the space together, and make it come to life! I can offer recommendations for seasonal gardening, succession planting, companion planting, and square foot gardening so that you can maximize yields for your space.

Seed Starting Workshops

Starting your own seeds is an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to get your garden going in early springtime, or for a fall planting! I can guide you through all the steps and materials needed to grow your own seedlings, and show you how to transplant them.

Microgreens Workshops

Microgreens are edible sprouts that are super easy and fun to grow! They only take 1-2 weeks until they’re ready for harvest. I can guide you through all the steps and materials you need to be able to produce microgreens on your own, any time of year. I can also suggest a variety of delicious snacks with microgreens, including ones that kids love!

Aquaponics Workshops

Aquaponics setups combine plants and fish together in a mutually beneficial system– and they look super cool! Using basic aquaponics kits such as the one shown, I can give you all the info you need in order to take care of a betta fish and grow edible, nutritious sprouts. These setups are also great for growing and propagating herbs and houseplants. Aquaponics is a great way to learn about STEM and natural cycles.

Composting Workshops

The gardening cycle wouldn’t be complete without integrating composting systems. In this workshop, participants can learn about how the composting process works, including how to compost with worms (which kids love)! I can advise on what type of composting system would work best for your site.

Terrarium Workshops

Terrariums are mini decorative indoor gardens. In these workshops I will guide you step-by-step on how to plant succulents and decorate your terrariums. These make wonderful gifts also!

Garden Education Activities

I have developed a year-round curriculum of garden education activities and games for the classroom, either in person or virtually. These activities help reinforce learning in a fun and engaging way! Feel free to reach out for more information about my curriculum and year-round lesson plans.