As a garden educator and program consultant, I guide children and adults to create edible garden spaces and to learn how to grow their own food. My goal is to help people connect with nature and encourage healthy choices. I am invested in promoting regenerative systems to help revitalize our communities.

I encourage participation in the entire process of gardening– from seed to harvest, and cooking to composting. I use only organic gardening techniques– that means no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers are involved in the process. I also incorporate a culinary element, so that we can learn different ways to utilize garden produce and enjoy the fruits of our labor! Click here to learn more about the benefits of gardening.

I offer programs, lessons, and workshops with schools and community centers, as well as individual and family home gardens. Click here to see the various workshops I offer. My services include:

  • Organic edible gardening educational programs and workshops, in-person and online
  • Garden design, planting, maintenance, and harvesting
  • Curriculum creation for garden programming and environmental sustainability/justice
  • Educational programming materials acquisition and budgeting
  • Seed starting setups
  • Installing new garden spaces, including building raised beds and herb spirals
  • Troubleshooting pests and critters using organic techniques and biological control
  • Indoor gardening: microgreens, kitchen herbs, houseplants, and mini-aquaponics setups
  • Food prep, culinary assistance and recommendations for use of harvested produce
  • Composting/vermicomposting
  • Photography of garden spaces
  • Field trips to sustainable urban farms

My intention is to collaborate with you to create a gardening program that works best for you and your needs. Click here to see the partners I work with.