As a garden educator and program consultant, I guide children and adults to create edible garden spaces, and to learn how to grow their own food. I encourage participation in the entire process of gardening– from seed to harvest, and cooking to composting. I use all organic gardening techniques– that means no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers are involved in the process. I also incorporate a culinary element, so that we can learn different ways to utilize garden produce and enjoy the fruits of our labor! Click here to learn more about the benefits of gardening.

I offer programs, lessons, and workshops with schools and community centers, as well as individual and family home gardens. The services I offer include:

  • Seasonal or year-round organic edible gardening educational programs
  • Consulting for creation, design, implementation and maintenance of new or existing garden spaces and raised bed installations
  • Garden program materials acquisition and budgeting
  • Seed starting setups
  • Garden planting, maintenance, and harvesting
  • Troubleshooting issues with pests and critters (while maintaining respect for the environment and living beings)
  • Assistance with indoor gardening and houseplants
  • Food prep, culinary assistance and recommendations for use of harvested produce
  • Outdoor composting and vermicomposting recommendations
  • Photography of garden spaces
  • Minimal aquaponics setups
  • Field trips to sustainable urban farms

My intention is to collaborate with you to create a gardening program that works best for you and your needs. Click here to see the partners I work with.